Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank God it's Friday! So why am I not happy?

Yeah, Friday, no work tomorrow. But my Friday work is not over. I'm 44, my kids have grown. Yet I'm in a custody battle that will never END!! I want my Grand Daughter, and her mother is a complete idiot. So this is a typical Friday night pick up.....

I call early in the week, we make arrangements, yet on Friday afternoon she's NEVER there when I get there. It's been years now that we've been doing this, how hard can it possibly be?! I try so hard to make sure she understands when I'm going to be there and that, hey, just call me if anything changes. Oh, not my Grand Daughter, she knows more of what's going on and she's only 3.

So every other week we play the ritual "phone tag" game. I call and ask...oh yeah come get her Friday...I show up and, wait for it.......NO ONE IS THERE.

(Pause as tension builds) Oh, but wait, I have a date with my Dad for my birthday dinner. I have to get going, but Natalea knows she's coming over and I don't want to make her sad so I sit in the parking lot making calls.

10 minutes later, "oh, yeah, I'm at my mom's. I forgot to leave you a note." A note? How about an f-ing phone call you inconsiderate little bitch??

So, after dinner I rush over to pick up my Grand Daughter, and I'm NOT happy! This is it. It's been two years now and I can't take this anymore.

me: Every time I drive all the way to the other end of town to pick up Natalea you're not home. You never even bother to call me and tell me. And today you made me late for dinner with my Dad!

Bitch: Oh, yeah, I forgot to leave you a note.

Me: A note? You could call so I don't have to waste the gas (at $3 1/2 a gallon) and 10 minutes driving time only to find out your not.

Her Mom: Oh, she's such a brat.

Me: (inner monologue -spelt b-i-t-c-h) I don't appreciate it. And next time I'm not going to wait for you.

Because I have. I waited 2 hours one night. Wasn't happy. If I had a voodoo doll, her hair would be all over it. And there wouldn't be a bare spot on it. It would look like an overused pin cushion! And then, when she makes me really mad, I'll give it to the dog to chew on. Yeah, that'll show her. And then I'll light the hair on fire. Oh yeah, that would be awesome. So the next time I see her I could ask "What's wrong, dear? Oh, I'm so sorry. Your hair looks a I smell smoke?" Mew ah ha ha (insert evil laugh here)

So has anything changed? Yes and no. For today we've already made arrangements for me to be to her house at 4:30. About 4:25 I get a call. She's not home, what a surprise, I never would have expected! Blah blah blah, when the hell are you going to be home? My son is on his way he'll meet you there. Blah blah blah. Yep, I've given up, my son's going to have to deal with most of this now.

I know he's a little worried that she'll beat him up again, and then have him thrown in jail for domestic abuse, like she did once before. Seriously! I'm just glad he decided he really doesn't like prison! But come on, I may beat her senseless!! And then I'll be in jail for a legitimate reason. And I don't think my grand daughter would be too happy with me.

So I patiently put up with her crap. And I am NOT a patient woman, trust me!!

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