Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stupid Shit My Husband Says On Marriage

Election day is just around the corner and it seems like a hot topic is marriage.  Since my dear hubby (DH) is not allowed to talk politics with me I was surprised he asked me if he could ask my opinion on same sex marriage.  I was a little surprised by that since I consider myself very liberal and open minded, so he should know how I feel.

But, he insisted, and here's the irritating conversion, to the best of my memory.

dh: can I ask you how you feel about the issue of same sex marriage
me: well, it shouldn't even be a topic.
dh: yeah it should.
me: why, marriage is between the two people who want to be married. I shouldn't matter between you, me or anyone else.
dh: but the bible defines it as a union between a man and a woman.
me: the church should expend their energy cleaning house and keep their nose out of the business of the state.  That's why there's a separation between church and state.
dh: But if they allow two of the same sexes to get married, what's next?
me: (looking dumbfounded)
dh: Well, what's next? I mean, will a person want to marry their dog, or cat.  Or what if someone wants to marry a tree.
me: (looking even more dumbfounded)
dh: Well, that'll be the next thing to happen.  Don't you think?
me: NOOO!
dh: Sure it will.
me: No one is going to want to marry a tree! Or a dog, or a cat or anything else.
dh: Oh yes, it will happen. I guarantee it.
me: Shut up, stop talking.  We're done here.
dh: Yep, that'll happen next.

And this is how my evening started. I think I'll go back to mom's and watch football.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Swiffer Vs Target Brand

We have a dog, a cat, 3 grand kids, AND we live in the country. That means lots of animal hair, dust, grass, and whatnot.

I love my Swiffer. But anyone who uses one knows that those little clingy cloths can be pretty darn pricey sometimes. Normally, I buy name brand until I hear others tell me they've found another brand they like. But I did try the Target Brand. Here are the results:

Swiffer Brand Sweeping Cloths

What I like: On the floor these cloths are great at picking up dust and animal hair. Fine sand will get stuck in it, but heavier sand will not. Sometimes grass will stick as well. Depends on how long the kids were running in and out after the lawn was mowed. But all in all, the Swiffer will at the very least move all dust and debris closer to your garbage can for quick pick-up with a dust broom and dust pan.

For dusting furniture these cloths are the best. I love them because I don't have to shake them out and wash them. I'm a disposable kind of gal.

As far as the cloth holding the dust while you shake it out, I've never personally tried that. After all the work cleaning it up, I'm sure as heck not going to shake it out so it can get back on my furniture!

What I don't like: The price, obviously. I mean, all I'm going to do is get this dirty and throw it away. Why do I have to pay so much for garbage? lol

Would I recommend this item? Definitely!

Target Brand Quilted Sweeper Cloths

What I like: The price. This off brand is acceptable for cleaning floors. It might be good for hamsters to build a little nest, but I don't have a hamster to try that out on, sorry.

What I don't like: This brand does not pick up dust, it basically just smears it around. And you can see dust flying around as you wipe. Mainly because this cloth is not very plush. There's no fibers to grab onto the dirt.

Would I recommend this item? Definitely not!! Spend the extra money and get the name brand. You'll be a lot happier.

**Please note: all reviews are based on my personal opinion and not on any professional or monetary viewpoint.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Give 48 hours to Larry! Was this a HOAX??

Click the link to read about Larry, and learn how you can help!

48 for Larry
(this link has been deactivate)

Indie sellers united to help a fellow artisan. Funny how people disappear once they have a pocket full of other people's cash. Live and learn, I guess.

Some bidders never even received their items because the donors had no idea who to send them to. The invoices went out, people paid, and Larry disappeared.
added 1/24/2010

Friday, July 3, 2009

The veiw from my backdoor....

As most of you know, my posts are usually rants of driving through city traffic. I absolutely hate it. And if it wasn't for the beautiful area where I live, I'd move closer to work. But I'm not a city slicker, I'm a country gal.

And, as I sat under my grape covered pergola today, with the cat at my feet, listening to the birds chip I thought I'd give you a peek at my little slice of heaven in this world I call hell. This is what makes it all worth while. (click the pics to enlarge, and then hit your back button)

This is the view from my back door. I've always loved grape vines, and now I have my own.

A peek under my pergola.

My coffee cup from my dad. We live in Wisconsin. He was supposed to go to Florida on vacation, but instead he got to have quadruple bypass surgery. Yet he still managed to get me my coffee cup. We're both fanatics about our coffee :)

This is supposed to be where the pool goes. However, hubby's hours were cut at work, and our last pool finally blew it's last leak. I still have hope for a new pool, though. Weeds are going today, and the tarp is going back down.

Our backyard, garden and field.

Behind the house. The old chicken coup will someday be torn down and my new studio will be there. I had a hard time saying goodbye to the daisies. But today they will be mowed down :(

Past the yard, into one of our fields.

Beyond the garden. That huge tree to the right is my beautiful willow. It basically blocks out all light, as you can see. But it's gorgeous.

I love bugs! Seriously, what a cute butterfly ;)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Widget Wars 2 On Blockhead Radio

You wanna know what widget wars are? Well, just read on and you'll find out! The below post is from Blockhead Radio's Blog:

Here at BHR we are all about fun and giveaways. So every month we are going to be doing a new round of World of Widgets. For every place that you post a BHR widget you get one entry. We have a lot of different ones to choose from from BHR widgets to Stalker Widgets. All of the widgets that on our promote page are usable. Just go there and copy and paste the code of the widget you want. Place it in your AF studio, blog, site, etc and come back here and put the link in the comments. You get one entry for every place that has the widget up. We will be out checking through out the month. At the end of the month we will use to pick the winner. Rounds run till the end of the month and the winner is announced on the 5th of the following month. Every month starts a new round. So, if you don't win this month just put the link in the comments on the next round and be entered again.

Now, I know you're used to hearing me complain on this blog, so I won't disappoint you! If I could only get their station to tune in on my work computer, but I CAN'T!! GRRRR!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So, here you have it....

Thanks GafferGirls. There were a blogillion backgrounds to choose from. I think this one will suit me for the summer.

It's not too bright and nauseatingly cute. The birds feel like they get in the way, and i want to swoosh them on. But I'll get used to them.

So, now that I'm done complaining about cute back grounds, I can get on with my normal boohoo-ing!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life ain't all sunshine and daisies!

Seems to me I've said that before....

Well, I thought since I'm such a crab ass that I thought I'd brighten up my blog a little with some daisy background. Well, honestly, that made me a little nauseous. So I moved on and tried different things.

I tried browns, blah. Blue, too bright. Green, too minty. The one you see now is the one I am stuck with until I feel like doing this again because I'm seriously getting irritated. I know I chose "The Cutest Blog On The Block" website, but come on! Does everything have to be so damn cute?

So, if you feel like clicking on the upper left and taking a peek. See if you can find a not-so-dark and gloomy back ground, and I'll maybe consider it. Unless you think this one is okay. But I'm thinking NOT!