Sunday, February 24, 2008

LIfe isn't all sunshine and daisies!

I was on a website promoting my blog and someone asked if anything nice ever happens to me. Hmm, well, sure, nice things happen all the time.
  • I got a huge raise at work

  • my husband remembered Valentine's day

  • My husband got a new job

  • We're making plans to build a new garage

  • We're getting ready to refinance and take out a home equity loan for a tax write off

  • My son got a great raise at work and is next in line for a promotion

  • I'm almost done assembling my exhaust system for my lampwork beads and will be able to start making beads again soon

  • I have plans to build a new lampworking/stained glass studio, and I get to do whatever I want

Do you want me to go on? Does that in any way sound fun and humorous? I didn't think so either. Who wants to hear how perfect someone else's life is, so they can feel miserable and wish they had it better? I'm not here to make anyone feel miserable or inferior. I'm here to make people laugh! Anyone who is married can certainly say it's not a story of sunshine and daisies every single day. And anyone who says it is is either lying or in for a rude awakening one fine day when their "magic bubble" of life pops.

So why not let everyone see the humor in what disaster befalls me. Laugh it up, completely at my expense. I don't care. I'd love to make you laugh, smile or just feel a little better about your day.

Here's an example of my perfect life. When my husband and I were dating, he used to stop the car right in the middle of the road to pick me wild flowers and wild roses off the side of the road. I saved every one of them in a little Whitman's chocolate box he'd given me as a gift. After I ate the chocolate, of course. I have the ring he gave me when we were dating. I have pictures of parties with friends, of our first years together.

But the irritating and humorous part of my life is that:

  • in the box with those flowers are the other little trinkets like the quarter he gave me for payment after one of our amorous parking adventures.

  • The little metal "ford" plaque that fell off the doorjamb of the car we parked in.

how about stuff not in the box!

  • Pictures of friends passed out at these parties

  • The ring is in a box because I could never wear the cheap piece of garbage because it was made by some idiot who never considered that the design would actually inflict pain upon the wearer

  • How about the little blue Volkswagen bug he sold on me because he got the white interior full of blood at one of his drinking parties when some idiot put his fist through a window and my husband graciously drove him to the ambulance station while blood was squirting all over and it looked like a massacre had taken place in it.

  • or maybe the time I found out about him and his friends doing a tractor challenge over my Ford Grand Marquise because that was the only car they could find at the time they got that bug up their ass

  • Here's a good one... the night I came home from my first night out with the girls after my son was born only to have him standing there all upset because the baby was crying and he was never babysitting for ME again! (not sure how watching your own kid is babysitting)

Ah, now wasn't that much more fun to hear about?

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Morning Artist said...

witty and poignant post indeed :) i can definitely relate on the last one - 'babysitting'. that was funny.