Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stupid Shit My Husband Says On Marriage

Election day is just around the corner and it seems like a hot topic is marriage.  Since my dear hubby (DH) is not allowed to talk politics with me I was surprised he asked me if he could ask my opinion on same sex marriage.  I was a little surprised by that since I consider myself very liberal and open minded, so he should know how I feel.

But, he insisted, and here's the irritating conversion, to the best of my memory.

dh: can I ask you how you feel about the issue of same sex marriage
me: well, it shouldn't even be a topic.
dh: yeah it should.
me: why, marriage is between the two people who want to be married. I shouldn't matter between you, me or anyone else.
dh: but the bible defines it as a union between a man and a woman.
me: the church should expend their energy cleaning house and keep their nose out of the business of the state.  That's why there's a separation between church and state.
dh: But if they allow two of the same sexes to get married, what's next?
me: (looking dumbfounded)
dh: Well, what's next? I mean, will a person want to marry their dog, or cat.  Or what if someone wants to marry a tree.
me: (looking even more dumbfounded)
dh: Well, that'll be the next thing to happen.  Don't you think?
me: NOOO!
dh: Sure it will.
me: No one is going to want to marry a tree! Or a dog, or a cat or anything else.
dh: Oh yes, it will happen. I guarantee it.
me: Shut up, stop talking.  We're done here.
dh: Yep, that'll happen next.

And this is how my evening started. I think I'll go back to mom's and watch football.