Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Widget Wars 2 On Blockhead Radio

You wanna know what widget wars are? Well, just read on and you'll find out! The below post is from Blockhead Radio's Blog:

Here at BHR we are all about fun and giveaways. So every month we are going to be doing a new round of World of Widgets. For every place that you post a BHR widget you get one entry. We have a lot of different ones to choose from from BHR widgets to Stalker Widgets. All of the widgets that on our promote page are usable. Just go there and copy and paste the code of the widget you want. Place it in your AF studio, blog, site, etc and come back here and put the link in the comments. You get one entry for every place that has the widget up. We will be out checking through out the month. At the end of the month we will use to pick the winner. Rounds run till the end of the month and the winner is announced on the 5th of the following month. Every month starts a new round. So, if you don't win this month just put the link in the comments on the next round and be entered again.

Now, I know you're used to hearing me complain on this blog, so I won't disappoint you! If I could only get their station to tune in on my work computer, but I CAN'T!! GRRRR!!

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